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This means that patients and other individuals requiring care are diagnosed, treated and cared by professional Healthcare Personnel and Care Support Personnel at home settings. These services are determined in accordance with the patient’s level of dependency. Long-term patient care includes following services:

Doctor examinations and visits: Examinations and visits by unit’s staff doctor and physicians from relevant departments.
Healthcare Personnel: Specialist Healthcare Officer, Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician and Midwife.
Care Support Personnel: Well-trained assistant healthcare personnel.
Physiotherapist: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dietician: Nutrition follow-up at home especially for dependent patients and individuals with chronic disease.
Medical Device, medical disposable and medication supply: Medical devices such as patient bed, artificial ventilation device, air mattress, oxygen tube, concentrator etc. and other devices are supplied to patients and individuals in need of care.
Ambulance: The patients are transferred to their house and hospital by equipped ambulance of our hospital.


Patients who require short-term treatment and care are visited by Healthcare Personel in our Mobile Healthcare vehicles at their home or workplace. Interventional Nursing Care Practices generally include the following services:

Parenteral Practices: Intramuscular (IM), intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC) injections, fluid infusion and follow-up.

Enteral Practices: Patients who cannot be fed by mouth are given nutrients through nasogastric catheter (nasal route) and PEG (gastric tube).

Catheter Practices: Nasogastric Catheter (feeding catheter), Foley Catheter (urinary catheter).

Wound Dressing and Wound Care: Wound care following any and all surgical procedures (wound dressing), wound dressing and care for burns and supervision of pressure ulcers that may occur in bedridden patients.

Mother-Baby Care: Accompanying the mothers who gave birth at Emsey Hospital or another healthcare institution and their babies for the first ten days. Home visits regarding medical and hygienic care of mother and baby, training and education, adaptation between mother and baby, dealing with difficulties.

Hypertension/Diabetes Mellitus: The patients who continuously monitor blood pressure and blood glucose at hospital are visited by mobile healthcare teams at their home or workplace to measure and follow up arterial blood pressure and blood glucose.

Radiology Studies: Plain X-rays are scanned easily by Portable Roentgen Device available in our Mobile Healthcare vehicle, and thus, the patients do not require to visit a hospital for radiology studies and reports. Moreover, our radiologist visits patients at home and sonographic examinations can be performed with portable ultrasound scanner and results are reported.

Laboratory Tests: Samples are taken by our Mobile Healthcare teams at home for all laboratory tests that are analyzed at hospital settings. Results are delivered by hand, e-mail or post.

ECG: Electrocardiography can be studied at your location and results are reviewed by our doctors, if requested.

Nonstress Test: This test measures and records fetal heart beats and uterine contractions in pregnant women, starting at Week 28 of the pregnancy. Mobile Healthcare Midwives/Nurses can visit you in your workplace or home and perform NST and make a general examination and thus, you will not waste time. Your results will be e-mailed to your doctor.

Check-Up: All Check-Up practices that are performed at hospital can also be performed by our Mobile Healthcare teams. We are at your service with our male-female, young-adult and other special Check-Up packages to determine the factors that cause risk for your life.

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